Anyone here who can combind texturepacks?

  • Is there anyone here who can combined texture packs/ recourse packs?
    Looking for; 2-3 texture packs that I like (I got picked out)
    and what items I went from those, mixed into another, to make the
    pack I desire. NOT PAYING type, but looking for someone starting,
    bored, or who will just be friendly and kind and will use their own
    time. (Would like it done in 1-5days)
    DM me. I will msg you what I want from each texture packs
    and who made it so you can give credits.
    This is not for any Youtube videos, but if you'd like to showcase
    it off, feel free, just make SURE to link the original texture pack
    links in the description + who made them. (will be using the
    pack for cosmicpvp, mineplex, hypixel, and other servers) If I
    record on Youtube, I'll be sure to leave the link of this pack
    in the description+ Who made it and say I was the owner of
    the idea of the texture pack mix-up.

    Needs: Low FPS, Some what clear water, small-normal like
    size sword & axe, Don't forget to texture rest of tools.
    What I'm looking for: The changing colors of armor
    (Purple, Pink & blue) added with the changing colors
    of ender pearls (Rainbow) and maybe the rainbow gaps/
    golden apples (Enchanted and not enchanted)
    NOT looking
    for different color/shade blocks BESIDES Diamonds (Let me
    know what you can do with them) and NOT looking for
    any type of hidden chest-esp, x-ray or anything else.
    (I use CosmicPvp's forum "Cosmic Client" which
    adds many things like armor HUB, envoy, toggle sneak
    and more with the additions of changing the colors of
    settings and able to set settings)

    Doesn't need to be added, but would also like if the creator
    of this pack would be willing to use my username (Lennesa)
    as the original idea of this texture pack- mix up.

    Thank you and be sure to message me if you can do it.

  • If you tell me what textures packs you want to combine, I can do that (school just finished yay ! )

  • I made an 8x8 pack for myself which lets me get (very) decent fps on an average laptop, using a combination of packs. I am capable of doing what you are asking, but I don't have time :P . If you are looking for a pink/blue/purple fade diamond (non-animated) I recommend beginning with the carbon fade texture pack (16x16). Good luck! DM me the packs when you are done!

  • @jac0b150
    (Will need all partical effects on for this)
    First up I want the color changing gear from a texture pack; Fade Pack, made by BrahyanGamer
    the armor is blue, changing from time to time, purple. I want the same colors and style of armor but if you
    could, time the colors right. So all blue and then all purple, instead of going off and on, random blue and
    purple color-changing times. Would also like the bow, sword and axe from this texture pack added into
    this texture pack mix-up.

    2nd I want the color changing ender pearls from the pack; AciDicBliTzz rainbow short sword, made by
    AciDicBlitzz and edited by TheThunderCreeper. Nothing else and yes, leave the bubble-like animation
    on the ender pearls there. Also would like the Looks and colors of the EXP/XP bar & the hearts
    (Example if you eat a apple, you get extra hearts, I mean those hearts and leave them the half pink &
    purple they are)

    3rd I want clear- see threw inventory. Not pitch black but normal see threw. Low fps, I
    don't care if it's 16x16, 32x32. Leave the blocks default besides diamond.
    Pinkish/purple diamonds like the hearts on the 2nd order, or if you can make them color
    changing like the diamond armor in the first order. Normal potions too please. Also the
    golden/ enchanted apples from AciDicBliTzz rainbow short sword, made by
    AciDicBlitzz and edited by TheThunderCreeper 's pack. And finally the last thing I can
    think of is also the numbers 1-9 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) color (pink/purple/blue) from the
    same pack I want the golden apples and ender pearls from.

    Let me know If you need another information about these texture packs. Just copy and
    paste the pack name + owner on youtube/ google to get the video.
    Thank you. Also, how long will this take?

  • Gonna do that this week :)

  • @Lennesa

    First, I can't make a see threw inventory. I tried, but Minecraft just don't want to.

    Took items from Rainbow AciDicBlitzz, work fine. Hearts and EXP bar work too.
    Actually working on diamonds.

    Tbh, I can't find the armor with changing colors. Can you send me a link plz ?

    When you talk about numbers 1-9, do you talk about this ?
    0_1498005645626_Capture d’écran 2017-06-20 à 20.40.10.png

    Should take me about 1-2 days, can be finished tomorrow.

  • @jac0b150 The numbers, yes that's what I mean. Hot bar, whatever you want to call it.
    The rainbow armor link is here:
    For the see threw inventory just import from this or any other and see if you can
    change the color to a purple/blue galaxy color if you can. If you can't then a white to
    black color will due. Also with the color changing armor you need your particles on.
    (Texture animation to be exact) At 1:53 of the video you can see that it doesn't change
    color when holding, that's the armor.
    I don't think I said this but low fire would also be good. (color changing armor low
    fire will due)
    May I ask if your going to showcase this off on Youtube? Simple yes or no will due.
    Chests; normal, Ender chests; normal, blocks; normal, enchantment table; Do the
    color changing armor one and IF you can change the red into purple.

    I know I didn't add this but can you take the purple/blue color of the hot bar
    on the color changing texture pack? aka this:
    Last thing; for the hits/criticals you normally get in minecraft, I would like them to
    be spots/dots. From small-like size to larger, of the colors blue and purple.
    The theme of this pack will mostly be blue and purple if you haven't figured it out yet.

    Just dropping some information, I play on, Biggest faction server around
    and good texture packs are always needed/ looked for. Thank you and can't wait to see
    what you've come up with! Feel free to send more screenshots, looks awesome so far and
    keep up the good work! -Lennesa

  • @Lennesa

    Things remaining to do :
    Purple/blue inventory (already see threw)
    Low fire
    0_1498054759072_Capture d’écran 2017-06-21 à 10.17.11.png

    May do a showcase, but it's not things that I do on my YT channel :)

  • @jac0b150 Awesome looks nice.
    Now how would I download this?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jac0b150 So how do I properly get it? Clicked link, downloaded, but I have to take either the masco or whatever folder out and move it into another OR the blue and purple fusion, so far tried both but it don't work.
    What I'm trying to say is I need the folder/file with the pack and everything in it, not anything else when I go to my texture packs, open that blue and purple fusion and get more then just the folder with the credits, assets, ect.

  • @jac0b150
    Last thing, can you remove the fire/white flame in the crafting slot in inventory? Thank you so much

  • @jac0b150 Wont work, I see the sword you have as the header of the pack but it goes to default. My boyfriend tried it and it worked for him. For me it saids Encryted loss or something and I just clicked yes to a bunch of whatever that was. No idea what it did.

  • @Lennesa Lmao ok I got it to work finally.

  • @jac0b150 Could you maybe make another texture pack that's all purple?
    I'll find purple gaps that I like.
    But the color changing armor that's in this pack I'd like to be the purple armor of this new one.
    The color changing ender pearls, when they turn purple I'd like those in the purple pack.
    Purple and pink colors ordered like purple, pink, purple, pink, ect, would look nice as the border
    of the texture pack (like how you have on this one- it's purple and blue but not 1 color after
    another and instead solid)

    And I'll keep going if you'd like to help make texture packs, one day I might show them off!
    My youtube is Lennesa if you ever want to see (It's new and my old one is iiMola)

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