Which gametype of PvP takes most skill?

  • Examples of gametypes would be things like: Potion, soup, UHC, SG, Vanilla, GApple.

    It's clear there's a certain skill to each mode respectively, but what takes the most skill?

    In soup, dropping bowls is more essential and the speed that you refill could come in handy more than how well you can combo. Potion on the other hand relies more on your skill to combo, pearl (usually), and where to aim your potion throwing. Both have to have skill in hotkeying and refilling but are both completely different.

    UHC is a completely other community where managing your hearts, playing the terrain to your advantage, and other skills like bowing and rodding come more into play. I would say this mode is probably one of the hardest to master; other factors like building, knowing when to gap (since there is no natural regen), and projectiles take practice.

    While SG heavily relies on rodding and bowing like UHC, I can't shake the feeling that luck is a significant factor in this mode. With most servers having you run around the map to find the best loot, usually the most equipped person has the best chances of winning.

    Vanilla is basically anything in default Minecraft being fair game, including potions, debuffs, gapples. In OP or GApple PvP, OP apples are mostly the way to regenerate. Some say it takes no skill as you can sit there and chug gapples with the safety of overpowered armor protecting you for a few minutes, but knowing when to gap and hotkeying armor after it breaks does require some practice. However with gameplay revolving mostly around combos and click speed, hotkeying isn't needed as much here as other areas like soup or pot.

    So, which mode takes the most skill?

  • soup ;)

  • BlockMania Administrator

    soup. (potpvp = soup with training wheels)

  • soup and vanilla...
    vanilla as in kohi, because there are debuffs and str 2

  • i think they all take the same amount of skill.

  • SG/ Build UHC
    As all you have is a crapple to correct your mistakes and they aren't the greatest so even the slightest mistake could easily cost you the duel. Also it requires skill in swords, bows, rodding, and even things like bucket and block placing.

  • Soup, It's also really fun .

  • @Awessia Great points. It does test a lot of different skills.

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