Requesting packs again!

  • Okay I'm requesting and making packs! So I have a big summer and in the meanwhile whenever I do have free time I still end up on a game or making some random edgy gfx. So I decided lets put it to good use. Please use this format so it is much easier.
    Just before anyone gets salty if I really like the pack I make for them I might upload it on my channel

    What kind of pack you want (Please put the pack name of what you want it to be like it to be similar or recolor):
    Contact way: email, discord, skype, youtube, forum messages, etc
    Other (Any other way you would like to explain or just put something random):

    Here is my channel:
    Also looking for a skin maker ^-^

  • @Infrate It's always nice to see people helping others.

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