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    Looking for experienced Bukkit plugin developers, Javascript devs, LUA devs, (possibly web devs), artists, builders, and more, that would be interested in a unique opportunity to help build my server network; BlockMania.com.

    Why should you trust in the server and myself?

    I've been working on Minecraft-related projects as my full-time job for almost 7 years now.

    I helped run and managed the first large server network that ever existed, MinecraftPVP.com and my partner was the head developer.
    MinecraftPvP (MCPvP) had around ~8k players on weekends at peak time back when Minecraft only had 7 to 8 million accounts for PC, about a quarter of what there is now.
    (We also had a booth at Minecon in 2012 where 13 of our full-time employees attended, and booths at several other gaming conventions including multiple Quakecons.)

    Now I co-own and manage NameMC.com - a large Minecraft fan site that gets around 1.1+ million page views and 80k to 100k users a day and growing. We're also partnered with a gaming magazine and a Minecraft blog that has 3.6 million followers.

    When BlockMania is ready to launch, we'll have free promotion on the NameMC website for as long as it exists.
    Promotion that can include: a top spot on our server list, ad slots on the front page, email blasts to our 200k+ registered users, ads to attract Youtubers/Streamers and more employees, and much more.

    What kind of deals are you offering to qualified hires?

    I'm currently looking to hire people with a profit-share deal, which means you will get a percentage of our profits until it meets a certain amount. Basically: you work now and get paid later when it works out, but you will make more in total than you would if you were paid upfront because you're taking a gamble with us.

    After that, key employees will be offered a more formal and permanent position when the server is making a steady profit.


    The server isn't starting from scratch either, we already have a very nice set of core plugins made from scratch by my partner. (who can no longer code for the server unfortunately, but can offer consultation and help with the current plugins at any time)
    And several other work-in-progress gamemodes and projects made by a friend and partner, Dprox.

    At the moment we have a hub set up with lots of awesome features that tie profiles and accounts into our website, a stat system, a very organized database system that records everything that goes on on the server and several work-in-progress gamemodes that are playable but not yet polished.


    If you are even a little bit interested or curious, PLEASE contact me. Send me a PM on Discord or email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to answer questions or explain our plan in more detail.

    I have endless ideas and plans for the server, not just games but monetization techniques, marketing strategies, etc. I just need more professionals that want to take the gamble with a new network that will be very rewarding.

    Come help us build something awesome!

    ~ Choons

  • hi i can build well, but you banned me for "kys"

  • when you're interested to be a builder but too shy to apply

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    @J8N said in LF Developers & More - Placeholder Post:

    but you banned me for "kys"

    *for telling a player to kill their self.

  • @mooshroom
    themself *

    also there's a thing called a joke ;D

  • @J8N still not a pleasant thing to say ;s; but I forgive you child.

    Good luck~

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