Copyright? :P

  • I made myself a texture pack with textures from a lot of different packs. I used so many packs that I don't know where i even got some of my textures from. I have edited some textures but NONE of the textures are made by me. Can I distribute the pack, as long as it has a note saying that I did not create any of the textures and that all of the credit for the textures goes to the rightful owner?

  • i don't think it matters if you make a pack mashup lol
    no copyright infringements on them i don't think

  • Lol, alot of people edits packs and makes mashup packs all the time and claims it as theirs, it really doesn't matter anyways cause I'm pretty sure there's no copyright infringements laws on Minecraft texture packs lol.

  • Thank you for helping :D

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