Skin Request

  • Is someone able to create 2 skins for me? It will be a boy skin and a girl skin, i know what designs i want but i want 2 skins editing into a different style.
    What i want is a girl and a boy skin in AOT survey corp uniforms if possible. I have 2 skins that i want the heads based off though. Ill leave some images to explain.

    I want the heads of the first 2 skin images:
    0_1496525114792_Vistie image.png
    0_1496525193627_JaiStrixZ image.png
    But i want them created/edited into the style of these:
    0_1496525443640_Random skin 1.png
    0_1496525645874_Random skin 2.png
    This is kind of a bad version of the design im looking for.
    0_1496526092601_bad version.png
    sorry for this being so long and if its all unclear (and for the images being so big, i didnt know any other way to explain it) I know its a lot of work but it would be amazing if someone would be able to do this for me, ive tried myself but im not the greatest at making skins :P

  • i can make these for you, but is there any other information you could give? like, the preferred hair & eye colors, 4x / 3x arms, etc?

  • @sadliness Any colors and features to do with the head could you base off of the first 2 skin images (the girl bee and the boy with the J on the shirt and glasses)? It doesn't have to be exactly the same style but if you could keep it close that would be great.
    And 3x arms please for both, thank you again :P

  • - boy skin - girl skin

    i tried my best & to get as close to your request as i thought was possible so i hope these work out fine. let me know if there's anything i did wrong or anything you'd like me to change.

    ps. i tried to make the green capes over the jackets like the one in your inspiration image but i thought that they looked a little better without them. if you want me to add them on, let me know about that, too.

  • @sadliness Omg these are great. Don't worry about the green capes or anything because these look so good. Thank you so much!!

  • @JaiStrixZ thank you so much, im happy you like them

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