Staff Applications Open! [13yrs+]

  • Hey, Don't really use this site as much so I don't know if this is the correct place to put this. But anyways, my upcoming server is soon to be released early June and I'm looking for good quality staff members if anyone is interested and meet the requirements.

    Requirements Listed:

    1. Applicant must be 13 years old or older.
    2. Applicant must speak English, at least.
    • Any other language is okay, as long as the Applicant can speak English well.
    1. Applicant must use the correct Staff Application Format.
    2. Applicant must meet all the requirements for staff applications.
    3. Applicant must be mature in chat and have a clear Ban/Kick/Mute/Warn history.
    4. Applicant must have access to social medias and other websites such as Discord and TeamSpeak with a working microphone.
    5. Applicant cannot be staff on any other server or forums of any kind.
    6. Applicant must have only, at most, minor grammatical errors.
    7. Applicant must be available online for 4 hours or more per day.
    8. Applicant must be active in game and on forums.

    If you are interested please head onto Hypecraft-MC.Weebly.Com and click "Forums" on the left hand side of your screen to register and create an application. Application's take three or more days to go over and accept/deny. Applications are open 24/7 but it's is better to register now than later. Thank you for your time and hope to meet you online one day!

    EDIT: Oh yeah and also there is Map-Maker and Social Media rank applications also open. Good Luck!

  • I'm 4 y/o, I only speak Gibberish and Chinese (basically same thing to you Americans), I got false banned on Mineplex and they didn't consider unbanning me for 5 months, I'm a prodigy at confusing at people, I'm a staff on the server: reasons to kill ye self, wUT aR GrAMmaTicAl ErOrS? I only spend 23 hrs and 59 minutes eating my shed, I cry myself to sleep some nights.

  • @Hawwuii
    Will be signing in soon.
    Hope i'll beable to apply and will be accepted.
    Weather or not, can't wait to try the server out!

  • @Lennesa Whether*

  • @whule It was like 1-4am and I wasn't bothered to change it.

  • you seriously using weebly?
    yeah if the server's 1.8 or higher ur getting like 3 players :)

  • @Hawwuii You should use freenom, it's waaaaay bether than weebly and gives you a real domain. That's how I got

  • Banned

    I'm a trustable person!

  • @Hawwuii This looks professional good luck with the server because I do feel like you will go far with this level of professionalism.

  • Thank you all to whom replied and sorry for the late response. Server is still being developed and took longer than expected. Official release date is now confirmed as July 28th 2017. If you are still looking to become a staff member I highly suggest applying now before July 12th 2017 in which is staff training day #1. Again, thank you to whom I got in contact with and hope to see more faces soon. - Best regards, Hawwuii

  • @Hawwuii

    lol ur trying way too hard to be proffesional

    'staff training day'
    LOOOL yeah your server is failing

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