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  • is pretty bad now. My main account @Bennesa Was banned for dox threats when my account was hacked into. Same with some Im_Crazeh kid with top rank (150-200$) and top rank TheNicktatorship, 3rd rank maltop20 and top rank gurber (something) who started all of this, got maltop hacked, then without anyone telling me I tried to join the discord which ended up being a fake. Because of this and months ago I bought a unban for being banned for advertising, I now have to wait 5 MORE months out of 8months to be able to buy a unban. Plus it will take around 40-80$ to be unbanned again.

    Now this @Lennesa account is banned by Shiva, the auto ban. I was 1v1ing some 2nd (pixie) rank under /warp desert
    and was combo womboing him. He ran, jumped in broken derp and swam up, I followed. He fell so i jumped down after him.
    He hit me 3times but I couldn't hit him. Then I got banned for "blacklisted mods/ clients" for 89 days (3months) and the
    planet I play/played is Spirit. (Reset in 1 week to 1month)

    On my Bennesa account, RIP top rank (guardian), 11gkits, 1vkit and 105 titles + 3-4 years of game play.
    On my Lennesa account, RIP 2nd (druid) rank. And due to my main being gone I never really
    played but deiced I wanted to play and kick some minecraft block ass, but then this happened.

    Tbh, where IS THE STAFF for banning hackers? Where is the good o'l banning hacker episodes? @Woofless @ypperin
    Why do we rely so much on technology to ban and do things for us? I mean having some type of warning anti-cheat for
    things like people swimming to fast, running to fast, perhaps x-raying or flying on a non- fly server
    is very nice and good for the server, but at this point of time it's banning players for lagging, no reason, swimming,
    flying (top rank has /fly)and other things like if pearl and get glitched, if you don't /bump in 2secs you're banned pretty much.
    What do you think? If you don't know, hop on the server, you'll see what I mean sooner or later. Or check out the forums where all the banning of players is listed, person and reason why they're banned.
    Click for ban list:
    Click for forums:

  • I know how you feel. A similar thing happened to me on Badlion. I got banned for months, even though I never hacked. Hope you get one of your accounts unbanned, especially after having spent so much :/

  • @Sonarize
    Well I'm Canadian so every US/USA $1 is $1.34 here in canada.
    So top rank was on like a 50% sale when I got it (130$ CND)
    I got diablo gkit from envoy. I bought party animal.
    My friend got me my admiral gkit. Another friend and I
    did a trade and he got me butcher. cannoner and enchanter.
    Then got destroyer from a ultimate chest.
    My boyfriend @Kaneda got me Templar gkit.
    And the rest I bought when the new EULA thing by Mojang
    had made changes and so every gkit or vkit you buy,
    you now have to kill and there is only a 20-25% chance you
    get it. So if you really want one, you got to buy and buy and hope.
    Plus there is a chance it will glitch into a wall, someone could kill
    you for it or kill it as you place it. I lost around 200$ just killing the
    boss things and never getting the gkit. So in total that was around
    8 gkits I named. I also know I bought Cosmo gkit (short form for 1)
    so that's 9. And bought the other 2 (hyper drive and paladin) <---- just the gkits I had.

  • @Lennesa
    My friend got banned a couple of months ago for autoclicker while he was building the base (got unbanned because for the new unban wave, his username is Voidstech).
    I got banned for Blacklisted Mod/Client by Swift_Reaction (I was just clicking with my screen off to kill blazes to buy a rank with in game money), and when I actually hacked (with the account fishb8123, which I sold to a friend a month ago) I didn't get banned (I used every hack except killaura).

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