Quality Microphone for SALE

  • Anyone interested in buying a Blue Yeti microphone? It's practically brand new and selling for $80. Really good condition, wasn't really ever used. And the original price is $100 + !!

  • why don't you want it

  • I bought a new one, but this one works really good and would hate for it to go to waste in my closet.

  • @meeppikmin oops forgot to tag

  • Why would you buy a new one if your old one works really well? Why did you never really use it.... What was the purpose of having it if you never used it...

    So many questions. This isn't eBay! >:c

  • @Yukyo My friend bought it for me for my birthday but it came late because it took her a while to get shipping $ too.

  • @cuddle so you're selling a gift... That your friend saved up money to send it to you?

    feels bad man.

  • I paid her back shortly after she got it for me anyways because she didn't know that I bought one in advanced. She wanted it to be a surprise. @Yukyo

  • oh damn, wish i had the money

  • @cuddle alright I won't give ya shit about it but that's my worst pet peeve. Not appreciating yo gift that she spent time and money in to send to ya. Good luck.

  • @Yukyo lol, I already talked to her about it and she didn't mind I was selling it. thanks though

  • Sold. the person who bought it happened to be in my area so they're picking it up tomorrow.

  • @cuddle awh bUt I WAnted IT 4 free!!

  • @Xeronsis close my thread? <3 and LOL @ Sam

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