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  • Have some of you got this strange thing when you go to the trending skins page?
    Look at how many uses some of the skins have. The #1, #2 and others are not like before. (Highest to lowest), they are randomized...

    I've also made a strawpoll on should this randomized skins be fixed (be back again to highest - lowest), but i'm not a staff, so it's not an official strawpoll. (I mean it MAY not be fixed)
    Here's the link for the for the strawpoll: https://strawpoll.com/s34fa9r
    Thanks for reading this. (sorry4badexplaining)

  • @Blamelesss It's not just you, it's the entire page.

    I think that it's randomized because of the time period people change to that certain skin. Like if you're wearing a new skin and 3 of your friends change theirs yours in the time period of a few seconds to a minute then your skin can get to the 1st-5th page sooner (Hence "Trending"). So if you have a shorter amount time between people wearing your skin then the easier it is to be let's say on the first page and get other people to wear your skin. That's why the stars/number of people that use your skin isn't in order.

    I might be wrong don't trust me. It's just what I'm thinking off the top of my head. I do like how it was before though. Ha, I suck at explaining too so I'm sorry if you don't understand what I'm trying to say.

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