The Definition of "OG"

  • alright ok

    i'm sick of seeing these "is this name og" threads, so


    • abbreviation for "original gangster"

    from urban dictionary:
    "someone who has been around, old school gangster"

    basically, people have taken the original meaning of "OG" and twisted it to the point where it now defines as a term for telling if a minecraft username is cool or not.

    honestly, whether a minecraft username is cool or not is just an opinion—if you think it's cool, it's cool. more importantly, it's YOU. it's what you're known as.

    "lOL XCw U dONT EveEN HAVE A mINE CRaf OG shuT uP noObB u dont kNoW what oG mEANS hold L ! !!"

    ok stop right there
    just because i don't have what the cool kids define as an "OG" name doesn't mean i don't know what it is
    i'm sick of seeing this argument, it's pathetic and flimsy

    anyway moving on

    a minecraft "OG" would be someone who's played the game since when it came out or when it really started to get off the ground—a true "original gangster."


    probably not, i expect salty tears in the replies

  • Are u a Feminist?

  • What the heck?

    Stop sniff cocaine

  • BlockMania Administrator

    minemen be reading dictionaries in all different languages looking for available words believing if they find one word from em that'll they'll be og af

  • And I'm tired of both "Define OG" threads and "Lmao Free Og" or "Are these OG" threads. I mean what you wrote was correct so I'll give ya that.

  • @Saivh wth does that have... to do...? Waht

  • @Saivh and @youdontmeanmuch neither of these made sense

    @mooshroom exactly

    @whule thank

  • @Galactxc He got triggered so fast i kinda just assumed

  • @xcw U got triggered over something so stupid that doesn't even matter i just assumed that u were a feminist bad

  • @Saivh not only am i a guy, but this thread hardly fits into the genre of "triggered"

    if i was triggered i'd be fucking bashing threads

    and i don't do that

  • @xcw Guys can be feminists and haha ok man

  • lOL XCw U dONT EveEN HAVE A mINE CRaf OG shuT uP noObB u dont kNoW what oG mEANS hold L ! !!

    Seriously, though, I agree. It is getting annoying how everyone "needs" one just to look cool; However just like "MLG" (technically meaning "Major League Gaming" has a different definition for Minecraft, like an MLG water or MLG block placement, I think the same goes for "OG", which nowadays means along the lines of "Original Name" or "Real-Word Name." Something that looks clean and nice, and can be found in a dictionary. Unfortunately the world is in the state where everyone has their own opinions and interpretations on different matters. "Rape" nowadays can mean anything from unwanted or forced sexual intercourse to 5-potting someone on PotPvP, and the same goes with other words and terms. So I guess we just have to deal with it. :shrug:

  • @DoorFrame yeah i mentioned how people have twisted some words and abbreviations to mean something that barely has anything to do with the original meaning

    (by the way, something "MLG" would be something considered professional (hence "major league" gaming)—and mlg water buckets kind of fit into that category, so)

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