Win $20 Playing Minecraft!

  • Hey, want to make $20? You've come to the right place! We're hosting a tournament on MC-Kits. All you need to know is below, if you need to ask a question feel free to comment below.

    Time?: Saturday at around 3:00 PM EST.


    • A premium Minecraft account
    • Basic Minecraft PVP skills


    • The tournament will likely be streamed at
    • If you'd like to stream your perspective that's fine. * If you have over 300 subs on YouTube or 300 followers on Twitch you will get the YouTuber rank as long as you stream it *
    • The tournament will be solo meaning teaming is not allowed.
    • The server will hold 30 people and if the number of people in the tournament is lower than 20, i.e if the number is 19 the prize will be $19 and if the number is 18 the prize will be $18, however, without at least 5 people I won't be giving out a prize.
    • The server is compatible with version 1.7-1.10 only.
    • If someone is hacking they will be removed from the tournament.
    • If anything unexpected happens we may restart the tournament at anytime.

    Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there!

    alt text

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