I banned 3 people for a week.

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    I banned three people for a week, I'll explain why.
    (even though I'm certain nobody will be content with my answer and I'll get a bunch of complaints for no reason.)

    Several people on here have been upvoting each other's posts constantly.

    In our rules, (posted here: https://community.namemc.com/topic/11/forum-rules-guidelines)
    Under section 7, Forum Spam/Reputation Abuse. It clearly says that abusing the reputation system is against the rules.

    Some of those people admitted to doing it.

    I replied telling them to stop and that it makes a lot of work for the staff to correct it.
    We can't magically go through your posts and delete the upvotes from certain people, we have to manually go through and downvote them.

    After I said that and gave them a second chance by not banning them, they continued to upvote each other's posts, necropost, shitpost, and complain about being downvoted "for no reason"...

    I have way more important things to do than go through hundreds and hundreds of posts downvoting them, especially when the person is creating posts faster than I can filter them.

    I still would have let it go if they listened to my several warnings and posts telling them to stop, but instead they continued to argue about it and disrespect staff for doing exactly what I asked.

    I have no personal issues with anyone abusing the reputation or having more points, or more posts, than me.
    I enforce these rules because the whole point of the forums is for other people to enjoy it. People are mad that you guys are abusing the system and weren't being punished and again, I don't have time to sit here for hours a day dealing with it.

    They are fake points on a Minecraft forum... just use it for what it was meant for... (talking about MINECRAFT.)

    If anyone has questions about it feel free to PM me.
    Do NOT make any posts asking why they were banned or arguing about it.

    See ya in a week. (And if you immediately start up again after the week is up out of spite, I'm just going to clear your entire account and/or permanently ban you.)

  • yw c: (I dont even like your posts :v)

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    @LoveAsWeKnowIt Well this is has nothing to do with you so that's understandable.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @Choons soz for late reply, i mean i was on namemc and happend to see it so i just replyed lol

  • @relaxingchills
    Love the necro posting. Nobody wants to see this drama anymore. We've all moved on as a whole community and we have forgiven some players and some are still facing punishment blah blah :heart:

  • Wow @Yukyo this has nothing to do with you and you replying to my comment makes drama occur. (idk if i spelled that right)

  • @relaxingchills smh. Just move on bb idec

    No drama here. Have fun

  • Makes sence. I do late replys so just get used to it :P* aka i sleep to much*

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    For anyone wondering:

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