Favorite Video Game?!

  • {Ps, Before we start any genre is allowed to be entered} ,As majority of you comprehend from my posts that I meanly ask people's judgments Because I feel as it is fun to see what characters imagine/think, And I want to know your beloved video game I think most people will choose Cod because it is a really liked game style, But this forums page is mainly about Minecraft, From my knowledge I know you can post about a lot of things, A lot of things can make a game good... Sound quality, Character, Storyline, How the conflicts mash with the actors, Dialog, The play, Rather it's a ton of people on an island and figuring out how to survive, To a spin-off of a Super Man game Etc, But an also the main thing is... Replayability, Meaning (especially with reference to a video game) the quality or fact of being suitable for or worth playing more than once. And please don't just say the popular ones, Actually do your opinion and what you think was your preference, See ya.

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  • @Remixx Well I also made this to see if there is any good games that I haven't found and would be good, And thanks for the response!

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  • @Remixx Thanks for suggestions!

  • mIneCRaft hEHehHEe

  • LoZBotW.
    it's not overrated, actually if anything it's underrated
    and if you're looking for suggestions oops because you'll have a hard time getting it

  • Rust is a really fun game, very competitive. You actually have to have a bit of skill for rust and know what you're doing.

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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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