Hi, imma Kihta (aka Xososkitah)

  • Hi there, I started playing Minecraft with a non-premium account of the game on 2012, bought "sajoniano" (now Kihta) few months later and started playing SoupPvP (like those old hunger games server, kit pvp, mc pvp etc...). Then started with "UHC" on May. 28th 2013, (like playing with blocks, bow, 10vs10 etc...) on OCN. Got on to PotPvP later on Nov. 24th 2013 (on kohi) since then i've played almost in every server of this game.

    (I've played with my alt account the most of the time, like on servers etc... so you prob know me from there (Xososkitah, og name "TheDragonMC"))

    -Why "Xososkitah"?
    Well, I randomized a name on a character on a mmorpg on 2010, "Xososkitah" is what came up, so it became my pseudo in the internet.

    -Why "Kihta"?
    Well, Xosos"kitah", (Xosos is kinda ulgy tho) so I took the ign (Xososkitah) on my alt, and re-named my main with "Kihta" ("Kitah" was taken ,_,)

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