• @meeppikmin bc the way u say things is pretty much forcing the person to interpret wrong

  • @Strrawberry Well I have no possible way to know how anyone is going to interpret something because um
    Apparently other humans have this strange ability to relate to others' feelings ? That I don't have

  • @meeppikmin okay.

  • Were you forced to write this or did you just think it over and genuinely feel sorry for the staff team?

  • @Sonarize I feel bad. No one forced me i was just asked to stop by 1 person LOL
    also i thought it over lol after Remixx Kueen and I had a convo about it.
    I never actually WANTED to do the rep for rep i was trying to be a good friend hehehehe..

  • @Strrawberry ah, I see. Well... I respect your decision. I didn't even notice that you were rep for repping

  • @Sonarize ohlit thx dude lOl

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    @Strrawberry said in Sorry....:

    Okay, so lately, me, @KueenKrazy, and @Remixx have been nercoposting, rep for repping , hijacking threads, and spamming. Idk why we did it. I think we just did it for fun???? But people weren't liking it and I see where they're coming from. Recently Remixx got the most reputation in the community..which wasn't fair because it was all because of rep for rep. math riddle reached over 1.k posts and it was the most popular thread. it was all shitposts tho. We understood how unfair everything was and we deleted math riddle and aren't going to shitpost or rep for rep necropost or spam anymore.
    at least i am idfk.. from what i understood the other 2 will stop.
    Thanks, sorry, bye

    The biggest crime here is that you put question marks after a sentence that wasn't a question.

    But yeah, don't do that...

    I can easily check and clear the rep that isn't legit it's just tedious and makes more work for us.

  • I thought people were better than this.

    Sadly you admitted it. Don't take the forums as a joke, because the NameMC forums are truly becoming more of one every day. This isn't its purpose. People aren't funny once you realize it.

    Even then, that's pathetic. Rep spamming is against the rules, and no one really wants to see NecroPosts. (Considering of the hundreds of posts jacked because of it.). No, necro'ing isn't against the rules, Choon said himself it just gets rid of the post lag/spamming. That "math" riddle thing was honestly sad. I saw it and it should've been locked a long time ago.

    I give you the advice to think of your actions because they got literally 1000 rep in a few days. No, I'm not mad. I'm more surprised at how you could've done that. This is sickening because I think this forum is getting more as a "shitposting" website. Google what a forums page is, and look at an example like PMC's forums, something organized. People actually have a meaning to their posts, and sadly this place turned into something I can't bare.

    I'm sorry, but you should reconsider yourself and using this forum. Try and clean it, I guess.

    Glad you at least learned from your wrong doing, but good job from pulling yourself to ruin it anymore for anyone else with actual meaning posts.

  • @Faithest @Choons I agree with you and I just wanted to say I'm very SORRY for what I did. I realize that its against the rules and this is all wrong doings. I was so stupid to do this. I can't take back what I did, but I will accept all consequences. I made a big mess and I made a lot of people mad at my friends, but it was all my fault. I should have deleted the math riddle post a long time ago. I learned from this and I will not spam again.

    The forums is suppose to be a good place where people can meet others and learn something new. I took that and broke it in half and it was a mistake. I'm truly sorry. I did learned from my mistake, but I learned it by doing something bad which is not good. I thought that it was fun, but I was mistaken. Its cruel and annoying.

    Once again, I'm so sorry for causing problems and I do accept all consequences. I hope you can understand.

    I also just wanted to say that my time has been amazing! I have meet so many people and had a fun time chatting with them! I love the forums and won't make any more problems. Keep up the amazing work on here! I won't be posting much for a while but I'll still be around. Thanks for understanding. <3

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    I'm glad you're finally realising how annoying and pathetic the spam and rep farming was in the "math riddle" thread. I spent over 40 minutes downvoting all 1.3k posts... -300+ rep to those who had spam posted trash. It was worth my time. Don't do it again.

  • @Remixx seems ur not top rep anymore

  • If you're questioning the rep for rep in my signature, it's not serious. Just making fun of scenarios like this, lol.

  • @Paradiscal I was gonna mention that xD.

  • Not to cause hate, but me Kueen and Remixx were discussing it and Squishy, sadly... was part of the rep4rep and shitposting. She joined in near the end tho.. so idk if that's too bad...

    We just thought it should be fair... and include her... ;P

    i'm ready for downvotes

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  • @Choons Question Why didn't the staff delete the thread math riddle? Just wondering unless somehow you guys didn't see it

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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