• I hate being accused of things and when people assume something about me then leave me because I ask what caused it. It gets me sooo pissed. Like why don't you confront me about whatever's bothering you rather than leaving me in the dark and then go all jimmy neutron on me. Why don't you think about how it makes me feel. It really doesn't make sense especially when I treat those people kindly and care about them.

  • I can agree with you on everything....

  • I mildly dislike rants but sure I can agree.

  • @Irusu_ said in ugh:

    and then go all jimmy neutron on me


  • Banned

    honestly same.
    relatable?? relatable!!

  • I watched this thing where this guy was talking about how you lose friends because people can't read your mind and tell that you care about them.
    and you might think they're your friend but they're really not because they can't tell you care about them?

    anyway my point is
    those people need to realise that friends can't read their mind

    COUGH jt

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    @meeppikmin lOOOOl when u immediatley think about the Sorry... post LMAOOO

  • @Strrawberry I tried to explain myself

  • @meeppikmin I don't get how nobody is able to interpret the connotation of your messages. I understand what you're implying. why does nobody else? lol

  • alt text

  • well aren't you an edgy young man ;)

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