Favorite Music Artist?

  • There's an enormous amount of musicians and song styles, Most will say Jazz. rock, country, Hip hop, Heavy Metal, Etc, Cause it's my ideal thing to do when fatigued, It's good to EZ your condition, + It's relaxing, Not to mention it highers your creativity, I subjectively like some Performers are Logic, Drake, TheChainSmokers, A several others, It's just fun to overhear it while playing games per say, Now this might get a lot of analysts and it will be mainly view based, And another one is... Why do you like the particular Musicians the rationalizations, why? What are your beloved tunes by them How did yourself get towards their style of music? Did your friends influence you? Plus please linger beside the specific subject at hand, Furthermore, don't make the absolute acknowledgment critique around particular verse methods, Including thanks for speaking your opinions concerning your experience with this discussion, And bye!

  • This post is deleted!

  • UH i l i k e heavy metal, rAP, and pretty much any song with a good beat LOL BuT lIKE my Fav arTISt IS iDK WHO ahA !

  • Chill music.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Too many to choose from.

  • i have a whole list.....

    too lazy to wirte it all out

  • @Sonarize Yeah I know I have to work on it. /;

  • @KueenKrazy All good, xD

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