Chance Ban Appeal

  • To be quite honest, I have no clue where to make this appeal? I have looked all over the website for about 20minutes now and did not find a format or anything. I found a couple links a mod put in a reply but when I clicked them it said the page was now found, but anyway.

    I traded a guy a m9 bayonet doppler for an account called "Chance" and "RD" I use the account Chance more than anything due to the fact its got a 13 minecon cape and looks cleaner to me. Anyway, I changed the skin on Chance to something dope in my opinion but the skin history is mad ugly and I wanted to change it. So I went onto blockmania to find out the Chance account is banned. gg

    My main account is called "Shoxeh" I have been on blockmania before and I have registered multiple accounts thru blockmania such as "Prospect" and my main Shoxeh. Anyway, my goal here is to see if I can get unbanned? I doesnt give me a reason as to WHY the accounts banned on the server but if you want, you can check IP's and look at mine and this one here on the forums? They are the same, idk whatever you have to do to see that Im not the guy that got the account banned.

    I know the guy I traded the knife with, he lived in AZ so idk if the IP on the server will match to that but it may. Im pretty sure he said the account was already banned on blockmania before but I'm not too sure.

    Anyway, thank you for helping me if you do.

  • Chance and RD already have an account linked to them, go on their namemc, you will see they have a forums account. Also they don't unban for accounts that were bought from other people (I already tried with an account I got from superalts) and they didn't even want to unban the account for 1 min so I could link it. Your last chance is that the guy that you bought it from gives you the namemc/forums account.

  • well shit.

  • @shoxeh said in Chance Ban Appeal:

    well shit.

    We'll it doesn't hurt to ask the owner.

  • @Flash How can I do that?

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  • @shoxeh Message Choons.

  • Not 100% sure about your case, since account selling is prohibited, you're probably not going to be trusted by choons, however, if you'd like to give it a shot, tag 'choons' use the @ sign just as you would on regular social media.

  • @choons pls help me out man. lol

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