What is your favorite holiday of choice! ;D

  • I know there will be tons of Holidays that people don't celebrate, So I think there will be less verity, But why not? Most are gonna say Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Etc, What do you like to celebrate? And what cheer's you up? And the reason this is being released now, Since Easter day, was Yesterday, {At least where I live} Because answers are probably gonna really vary because some Holidays celebrate other topics, {Some I may not talk about because some are semi Controversial,} And it kinda depends on how you're raised, And some qualities of these Christmas are 1, There is nothing more exciting the going to pick out a tree and gathering around with people you love to add all the lights and ornaments. It brightens up anyone’s day. 2. Vacation Time: Whether you are a student anticipating winter break (Because finals are just torture), Or in the real world waiting for time off from work, Vacation time is always welcomed. And Enjoyed, 3. Treats: This is one of the few seasons where treats are abundant, and there are no limits to how many candy canes, gingerbread men, or peppermint bark you can eat. And etc, Please share your opinions, Please focus on the topic on this discussion, And have a wonderful day/night, Bye!

  • Summer Break


    an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling.
    "I spent my summer holidays on a farm"
    synonyms: break, rest, period of leave, day off, week off, month off, recess, school holiday, half-term; More

    a short period during which the payment of instalments, tax, etc. may be suspended.
    "a pension holiday"

    spend a holiday in a specified place.
    "he is holidaying in Italy"

    ~~Use paragraphs btw @JJthesteve ~~

  • any holiday that involves a break

  • ^ true story

  • @Czechia oyesh

  • @whule Thanks, I think.

  • Halloween because pretending to be a zombie taxi driver is fun!

  • Halloween!!!!

    honestly I don't even know why because I never go out and dress up :laughing: I guess I just love horror stuff and especially the autumn breeze <3

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Veraia, It's a really cool Holiday, I mainly like Christmas, Hence why I drove on that topic a lot in the post And dragged it on, Horror is a really cool aspect, Horror movies are so fun, I haven't been able to find any good ones recently, I like the spookiness, And the intensity of the dramatic music, And the situations with the characters, And the characteristics of the characters can really change a movie for me, Not to mention seeing what the characters have to deal with to make the Horror movie happen, Now sometimes the dilemmas can be a bit forced, But that's the fun of trying to find a good movie, Can be hard sometimes. Tho sometimes challenging it's kinda like a mini fun challenge!

  • @JJthesteve There's always rottentomatoes.com. If the movie has a high rating, it's probably good.

  • i like christmas leading into Newyear bc we dont get school for like 2 weeks! and its rlly close to my bday

  • @Sonarize Thanks.

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