Guide to spotting an e-girl.

  • HOWDY PARTNER, on a fine evening I decided to explore the dark parts of the internet- not that area of where they sell organs illegally; I'm talking about the area which people have a long relationship. Although there are e-girl through out the internet, we are focusing on minecraft e-girls. LETS GET TO IT! These are... "Those" types.

    1. They are extremely sh*t at pvp. (most)
    2. They will be quite open will their irls.
    3. Their minecraft name will sound extremely feminine: ex. xIssabellla, _xLove, CallMeRosie, poppylover.
    4. Their skin will be the alex layout with: hoodie, "geeky" glasses, shorts, white shoes, ripped pants, a crown (bitch you ain't royalty) and much, much more features.

    Please do not take this seriously, this post is just a shitpost that is meant for giggles

    Add more in the comments! (Add onto the list)

  • my life is complete

  • lMAO @whule

    ty i'll be using this guide throughout my lifetime.
    That way i can keep myself safe from these self-centered bastards! ;D
    This is a life saver
    this was accurate

  • And their hypixel stats will be high but they'll have no kills.

  • use lolitsalex's tips on getting e-girl lmfao

  • I died when you said bitch you ain't royalty lmao

  • BlockMania Administrator

    best way to find em is - join raid and kill a player with a girl skin. if 7 other people with male skins come after you, that's the sign that it's a slut.

  • 0_1491871650763_upload-8eb7c7c2-8640-45e1-a30a-411a8a23ea62

    I was curious, ok?

  • its actually true

  • the more dangerous type egirls that have a name like mine but more feminine, and act edgy and somewhat smart, they mostly hang out in packs. real snakes, please be careful with them. they'll lure you in with deep talk and blind loyalty, and a well placed irl photo exchanged in a dm. but in reality, they just want to hurt you and experiment with different relationship types.

    they might make skins and are actually decent at pvp, they also might write some very good blogs or stories. some are even youtubers. beware.

  • @josxph 0_1491893860842_09bc3b049f204657be508a9da5f2a31b.png

  • @mooshroom i remember i used to play Bridges on Mineplex i also played it competitively kms. There was a tryhard party which had like 3 girls and they were probably flirting and nasty shit. So I geared up and decided to target the party and I killed a female member of the party and holy shit 4 people were chasing me with names like Kynonzy and cringy ass male names.

    This is a good tip to find e-girls on mineplex bridges btw. So you have kits: Beserker, Appler, Brawler ect, e-girls on BR will 90% will main Beserker (It's like a leap).

  • @whule same LOL i was lvl 73 hAr De hAr HAr but my alts were like 38, 27, 31

    i also played skyWars but WAY more than bridges

  • @Blamelesss Wtf thats actually kinda clever lmao

  • @Perspire ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Just not the ripped pants and Whule's guide to spotting an e-girl xD

  • they don't like doors -__-

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