hi hi

  • hi so um i go by sachi so you can call me that

    some things i like;;

    • bunnies
    • anime (specifically fairy tail, sailor moon, i'm almost finished watching soul eater, attack on titan, studio ghibli movies)
    • music (specifically twenty one pilots and chillwave)
    • drawing (i make digital illustrations from time to time, but i'm not as devoted to it as i probably should be, considering digital illustration is the career path i was planning on taking when i'm older)
    • i am an avid sleeper, sleep is very important to me

    and here's just a bunch of random crap about me

    • i'm ticklish
    • i have a scar inbetween my eyebrows from falling off of my bed and hitting my head off a table when i was 5
    • i have multiple burn scars from making ramen
    • i like painting my nails
    • i'm a relatively calm person but that quickly changes as soon as i'm mad or as soon as something excites me
    • i'm 5'7 and 1/2 tall bean
    • my best friend's birthday is a year and a week away from mine, meaning we are only the same numerical age for 7 days
    • i have no pets but i want a cat and i want to name it nacho so if someone ever tries to steal my cat i can say "this is nacho cat"
    • i really would like to start figure skating but i'm not confident enough in myself and i know i'll just give up because it'll be too hard
    • my online best friend lives in california and i'm not allowed to fly there
    • i adore nighttime, i adore the moon and the stars and anything and everything space related. during the summer i climb onto my roof and stare at the stars
    • i hate wearing shorts
    • i used to have a dog named buddy and he looked like scooby doo
    • 60% of my whole childhood revolved around scooby doo
    • i've lived in 3 houses over the course of 2 years
    • in 8th grade (in 10th now) i used to be obsessed with doctor who, fall out boy, and dan and phil
    • i get sad when someone lets me be alone (when i don't want to be), but i don't say anything about it
    • i don't have social grace
    • i play clarinet in my school band but i'm quitting after this school year is over
    • i'm learning piano (kind of)
    • i like to sing but i'd never sing for anyone but myself
    • i'm sensitive af, it's really bad
    • i'm not sure why this list is so long, i probably should have kept it shorter

    i'm going to stop there

    bye bye

  • hi ;} welcome har de har har enjoy ur stay ull be gone fast or start taking lots of breaks

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Welcome to the community.

  • Welcome!Have Fun In The Hell Of Threads!

  • 0_1491741505331_upload-22b6c36a-4a39-43af-8260-15959f90899f

  • um hieeeee welcome to de communite

  • @uniformity Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. :)

  • yoy can draw stuff I want to see your drawings

    yay social awkwardness club


  • thanks everyone lolz

    @meeppikmin said in hi hi:

    yoy can draw stuff I want to see your drawings

    yay social awkwardness club


    aaa!!! my deviant art is here (sorry if you cringe): http://tsukinosachi.deviantart.com/gallery/

    that doesn't have every single drawing i've made though, just some recent few ^^"

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