What was something that you thought was this... BUT, it was that.

  • Could be an acronym.
    Could be a saying.

    WHAT WAS SOMETHING (when you were smoller) THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS THIS... but it was something else.
    Idk how to say it.. and it's late so gimme a break.

    When I was 8, I thought FTW was the nice way of saying WTF..

  • @Galactxc when i was like 6 i thought LOL meant Lots Of Laughs

  • um, when i was like in 2nd grade, i though that the earth was endless. I later learn that there was a solar system.. :) I was so smart back then...

  • @Galactxc I thought chocolate milk came from brown cows and chocolate eggs came from brown chickens when i was little

    my whole life has been a lie

  • I thought barney was straight...

  • I thought Kys meant Kiss your self

  • I thought lol meant lots of love so when I messaged family members when there was a death in a family i kinda uhh sent 'LOL' after the end... I was 9 okay. I know I'm very smart:)

  • When I was 8, I thought that the word "fetus" was another way to say poop. So I labeled my project "fetus" my teacher thought my parents were teaching me inappropriate things. But noo, I learned it from my friend. He told me that it meant :poop:.

    I ended up getting detention.
    Also, my teacher called my parents. :confounded:

  • When I Was 3rd Grade I Thought ''ILY'' Means I Laughed At You.I Am So Smart xDD

  • @Kvso Rip xDD

  • when I was 5 I tought a really rusted bridge was made out of chocolate

  • i thought as soon as a woman got married she got pregnant and I spent hours trying to figure out how that would work

  • Hmm
    At one point of my life I thought FTW was faq the what?

  • when I was little I thought babies came out of your belly button.

    in grade 3 I thought
    "pervert" was "perbert"

    Nobody noticed until I wrote in a note to someone "ur such a perb"

  • @Yukyo omf me tooo LOOOOOOL

    when u started an argument that babies come out of ur belly button bc u thought u were so smart 1!!

  • هلا .....................................

  • When I was in first grade, I thought getting "grounded" would make you shrink a few inches (because you'd be closer to the ground).

  • @Strrawberry oml saaaame

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