a new beginning.

  • hey, I'm so so so sorry I haven't posted
    and um,
    this will be as awkward for you as it is for me, but
    after a long time, I've considered it,
    and I have decided to leave for a more permanent-ish time.
    I might check in, but other then that I don't think I'll be here.

    there have been so many crazy things happening in my life that I just want to curl into a little ball and hide.

    recently, my brother has had surgery.
    I have been diagnosed with synthesia and I have been having lots of hallucinations, many of them leading to a considerable dip in my health.
    I have lost a lot of friends in this time, and my self esteem is in the dumps.
    my parents don't trust me, and I'm sick and tired of it.
    I want to turn over a new leaf, and I think this is the first step.

    because of my devotion to the internet and silly websites, it has lead me to become sick. I will still be active on a few servers, namely beanblockz, creativefun, let's build, and hypixel.

    if you ever see me, feel free to say hi.
    I will be closely monitored by my parents, time-wise and website wise.
    I deeply regret having to say this, but
    I really enjoyed my time here, and it was great meeting you all.
    it's time to check out of the metaphorical 'namemc hotel.'
    I have enjoyed my stay, and I'll never forget all the wonderful people here.
    so I guess this, I my final goodbye.

    I really, really, will miss you.
    thanks for tolerating me.

  • nUUU

    i feel u my parents r the same with me ;-; hope u get better

    we'll miss u ;D


  • @strrawberry ah, I understand that.
    thanks for the follow, though! ^^

    thanks, I'm sure I will
    and I hope your family loosens up a bit !
    goodbye, although I haven't known you long, I'll still remember you and your two sneaky r's ;;)

  • lOL har de har har ripperoni and tHX

    have a good time

    bye again LMAO

  • You could have just been like my and randomly disappear.

  • @ferriswheel ah nu lil childu!
    I'm su sorry for all the things happening atm. Feel free to come baka to your lil daddu <3
    bai smol potata child <3

  • @ferriswheel We'll miss you child <3 and I hope you feel better soon c:
    Ily ;-; plz come back

  • You will be missed! Even if i didn't know you so well, i hope that you feel much better! <3333

  • Yes my parents never trust me, they never take my word for anything without extensive proof and are constantly monitoring everything I do

    Yes the internet is a horrible place to be if you don't have at least 10 best friends

    yOU SHALL BE MISSED hopefully we will meet when i go onto minecraft for 15min once a week

  • see you in a few months =3=

  • Why is this in my unread? It's not even for me

  • said in a new beginning.:

    ecently, my brother has had surgery.
    I have been diagnosed with synt

    "synthesia" did some research, that is some weird fucking illness...

    Hope you get back on track, wishing you all the best!

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