• So yesterday i changed my skin and cape and as soon as i did that it logged me out of the launcher, thinking nothing of it i tried logging in again and it kept saying incorrect,etc. So i left to work and i came back and i logged in fine. Then today i go and change my skin and cape and boom the same thing happened... I can't get a email ( nothing comes ) and i really just wanna know like wtf? any ideas?

  • I don't know... maybe someone is using your account? :cold_sweat: You could contact Mojang about this problem. But I would change your password just in case :o
    Good luck.


  • Yeah u prolly got hacked, did u give any account information to an online friend ??

    if so, Thats ur problem...

    Dw if its hacked and u cant access it ur not alone mine is too ;D

  • @Strrawberry See but i didn't. So i don't understand. Can't do anything without my ID code but its been years

  • @Strrawberry Ya so i don't understand... it was fine and everything changed my cape and boom can't get emails to change my password and can't message mojang to help withoutmy ID code so rip me

  • @UghReally then idk ;-;;-;;-;-;-; sadlife

    uh u should report it to mojang

  • @UghReally I don't think that you need your exact ID code of your account to message Mojang. All you need is a proof that you are the owner of your account because you can access the email that is linked to it. So like you just need to show them an old transaction ID from something you bought for your Minecraft account. It worked for me when I messaged Mojang with a transaction ID from Wynncraft when I was hacked.

    Another idea's buying something now for your acc that show's you a transaction ID and then emailing Mojang with it.

    ! Before you do anything check if your email's still right though. If it isn't then rip.

    Don't trust me, it might not work for you. Worth a shot no?

  • Good luck getting your acc to work again.

  • that happened to me too, you just wait an hour or so and it'll let you log back in

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