HCFrevival upcoming HCF server.

  • "I Want to give a small shoutout to this server just because I thought this server has a lot of potential, and it deserves much more attention. Hopefully, HCF Revival will wake up the hcf community that has turned so fucking dull in the last year and a half. There are like 100000 hcf servers that are all the same and everyone knows that most of them are laggy, buggy, and just overall full of junk. There is really no more originality in hcf servers anymore imo. Even if there were to be a good idea proposed 99% of the servers lack the ability/dedication to actually make it happen successfully.
    I'm really happy that someone decided to step out of the mainstream hcf server path and take a risk for once. The Revival team is the first to make a 1.11 hcf server (I think), which means there was little to no copying and almost everything is custom and original. I imagine that this project took a shit ton of work/dedication and I want to support the people who finally made this a thing. Give this server a chance, step away from the mainstream hcf servers that you play on everyday for a little bit and try this out. This server won't let you down :)"

    SOTW info: https://www.reddit.com/r/hcfrevival/c...

    IP: play.hcfrevival.net (1.11)

    (Credits to Dorper)

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  • @Flash Sounds good, less tryhard-ish and actually will need some strategy, not jitter.

  • @Paradiscal Ikr a lot of old players play, and everything is so smooth and pvp actually feels fair

  • um.. great?? i guess

    i have no idea what hcfrevival is

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