Delete one of my usernames ~

  • Hi there ! ~

    I actually have a request for you : I'd like you to delete one of my old usernames from the list. To explain it quickly, a guild named "LetYourStorm" obliged its members to have a "LYS_" before their usernames, to be easily recognized in the game.
    But after about 2 months, I and some friends in this team realized that they were monsters. After that, they shared pics of our faces, personal infos and more. Today, I'm not even a LYS and I don't talk to any of them, but it reminds me this awful team and it's like shameful to see that on the list of my old usernames.
    That would be so nice from you to accept, and I really hope you will !

    Thank you for reading this, and enjoy your day ! ~

  • Old usernames can't be removed, sorry.
    "Mojang created the UUID/name history system with the intention of making all name-change history public and we intend on keeping our site as accurate as possible to reflect that." Said by Choons in an older post

  • ^^^ it'd ruin the point of namemc

  • Nothing can be done about that, sorry about your situation.

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