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  • Now I know this is a late thing to post because the update was a bit ago But I want to know everyone's opinion on it Like tons of people hate the pvp updates some people Like the new blocks & Tons of parkour players hate unitCollision and people who like realism love it And I manly hate the update in the sense that I think they could have done a lot better in my mind/vision Like I think there should be an option in the controls to turn off unit Collision And I think you should be able to make changes to your skin without going to a website ps I know you can do this in xbox and other consoles but talking about computer version for this post and if you want can you post what you think that could be good changes I think like the skylands daggers new other underground dungeons and better shields that can take more durability damage on the weapon and shields that can take different damage off and depending on the weapon it can take more or less damage and some can give the attacker negative potion effects for fun and Another thing I'd like if they added is that they can make Like along bow and a short one like the long one causes more damage far away and can be fired from farther distances and the short one is self explanatory I'd also like if there'd be a ice boss like some abilities could be a snow storm maybe that'd give you nausea and maybe blindness for a certain amount of time cause there'd be snow flying at you & also An Ice Borg that be like a spike and give you poison and I know some of these ideas are probably in mods but they don't have to add any of these but just ideas And I'd like if you guys did shared ideas and opinions in the discussion section and Have A Wonderful Day or night Everybody ;D

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    Punctuation man, use it. I've got no idea what I am reading... It's that bad. I'm glad you're not making Minecraft. Sure, it's fine for a mod and nothing else.

  • @Xeronsis Yeah. Sorry!

  • Wait what?

    . <--- That's a full stop, try it.

  • @RIPD Yeah sorry about that, I was in a hurry.

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