Get to sorta (not really) know me

  • Name: Kueen Krazy BOW DOWNNNN (HAHAHAHA jk ;p)
    Age: 117
    Fav Color: Blue (any shade) and Turquoise
    Birthday Simbol thing: Capicorn
    Fav Band/Music Artist: ChainSmokers? Twenty-One Pilots? Bruno Mars? T Swift? AHFOGISHGOIHWOIGHOEWHG I DONT KNoWWWWWW (their all good :L)
    Hobbies/interests: Piano, singing, acting, hanging out with friends
    Mc Server Mineplex? (LAGPLEX) and maybe hypickle I mean HyPIXEL @

    Thx, K BYE <3 ;p
    (Sorry if this was impossible to understand with my incrediclebul spelling and grammear) ;

  • Hypickle creds: @Galactxc <3 ;p

  • Name: Galaxy // Gal
    Age: 666 (14)
    Fav Color: Green-Blue-Purple range
    Birthday Simbol thing: uh AQUARIUS.
    Fav Band/Music Artist: Mel Martinez, PTX, TØP
    Hobbies/interests: dying.
    Mc Server: Beanblucks.. Wynncraft uh eh. Idk.

    @KueenKrazy said in Get to sorta (not really) know me:

    Hypickle creds: @Galactxc <3 ;p

    x3x didn't create Hypickle. I heard it from @clinophile but yeah <3

  • name; eleanora/nora/clinophilia (clinophile meaning "bed lover"

    age; 13, 14 in April (I share a birthday with brendon urie 😍😍)

    favourite colour(s); aqua, darkish aqua, red, grey, black, and light grey.

    bands/artists; tøp, p!atd, fob, mcr, tn & ldr

    server; let's build, creative fun, hypickle ( @galactxc ;;;) )

    zodiac; aries

    hobbies; err, writing and singing

    eEK hi that's me and I definitely didn't make hypickle I just use it a bunch sO yeah aHah

  • eeeeeeeee

  • Name: mineman boy that likes memes
    Age: 42.4783
    Fav Color: Orange
    Birthday Simbol thing: Gemini zodiac
    Fav Band/Music Artist: Toby Green? or The Weeknd (or my boy Drake. Had lunch with him today.)
    Hobbies/interests: chillin on the planet called earth, looking at memes, playing Rocket League
    Mc Server: HydraPvP or Hypixel

  • Name: Paradiscal aka 5
    Age: Well, I'd pref-

    "Oh it's you again.. 5 you irrelevant shitposter gtfo"

    Yeah that's what will happen

  • @KueenKrazy
    Name : Hanna or Strrawberry (Soon to have a diff acc ign since mine was hacked )
    Age : 13
    Fav Color : Black
    Birthday Symbol Thing : Amethyst
    Fav Band/Music Artist(s): YONAS Kings Dead Nick Luebke Beartooth Blackbear :,)
    Hobbies/Interests: FriENDS mCCC yOutUBEE inSTagRAMMM singINGG
    kthxbye 11!1!

  • @clinophile lmao "bed Lover"

  • o mee gawsh! I've never done one of these!!!1!

    Name: Yuk
    Age: 7 (and a half)
    Fav colour: REDDDDd
    Zodiac: Aries
    Musical Interests: Everything (even screamo)
    Hobbies: Anime or Baking
    Servers: Small servers+Hypickle+Lagplex

  • hypickle and lagplex lmao ;p

  • Name- Grunge, Ari (idk what name we're talking about)

    Age- 14

    Favorite color- Lilac

    Birthday symbol- Libra

    Favorite artist/band- Oh Wonder, Post Malone, Korede Bello, Urban Cone, Lany, Zolita, Blackbear, Saint Motel

    Hobbies/Interests- Drawing, looking at memes, being with friends, going to concerts, playing Overwatch, lots of random stuff

    Minecraft Server- I don't really play Minecraft anymore but when I sometimes get on I'll play on WafflezMC or FadeCloud.

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