Hai, Im Ashley *Or Ashley's*

  • Hello, I'm Ashley

    I've started playing Minecraft since I was 13xD. It all started when I used to play a good old server named MCPVP It had been my favorite server it has later then closed sadly. They had created a new server named MunchyMC I've been playing there it doesn't feel the same but I still play. When MCPVP was over it left a hole in my heart for years until this server opened up and replaced that hole with a new one. This has been that best server I've played on. I have met new friends like Blake and Kayla. I hope it does the same for most people

    I started playing Minecraft around 2-3 years ago I'm 16 own :P

    I've seen most of the few staff members on MCPVP. Mostly MasiveChoons because he was an admin along with BadBoyHalo,iGoofy and others.The old website was named MinecraftPVP.com which started in 2010 and was one of, if not THE largest network until sometime in 2014 and between 2015

    I hope this community turns the same way as Mcpvp but not the closing part xd forward to seeing this community evolve and meeting lots more cool people along the way

  • Welcome The NameMC Coumminity feel free to follow me and friend me NameMC and I'll follow you <3

  • I MISS MCPVP!!!! Did you know leafyishere used to play there? He made almost 100 episodes on it and I was in a few of them. I've never heard of MunchyMC, I moved to MCTeams instead which was run by old staff members from mcpvp but I think that came later then MunchyMC. These were the good old times. Also my name is also coincidentally Blake as well.

  • I knew he played mcpvp

  • ohiyathere, nice to meet you. <3

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