Blacks Bars on my Skin

  • Somebody can fix that ? My skin have blackbars wtf ? 0_1490214307733_95f0ae85966f4fba.png

  • maybe its an alex skin and not a steve one

  • Your skin was made for the Alex model and you uploaded it using the Steve model.

  • Yeah you should use the Alex Model instead of the Steve model bc ur skin was made ofr the Alex Model. If u dont know how to changE the models, where it says 'steve something' click that and choose the Alex model and than do the rest of the stuff to get the skin :panda_face:

  • Ayyy, Yes you are using the wrong skin size, go back into Minecraft and put it to change skin, if it's an Alex there will be black bars if you put the skin as a steve. Just change the size and you will be alright.

  • K thanks

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