Allow adding Discord usernames to the Social Media section of Profiles.

  • It'd be nice if, in addition to the current sites, we could add a discord username to the social media section of our profiles. Since there is no easy link for that, it'd probably have to be something where you can hover over it an it would say "Username#9999" or something. This could also be easily verified through oauth if you wanted to be able to verify that's their username (And after oauth access is granted, you could periodically check and update it if they change their username.) Alternatively for verification you could have them run a bot command in the namemc discord, perhaps something like "!verify Username"

    This would make it easy for people to be able to contact you through Discord, if you want to be contacted and that's your preferred way to be contacted.

  • @Tron This would be cool and useful to add. +1

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