• Hey, I'm purplesword. You may or may not know me.

    I've been part of the minecraft community for 5 years and have visited many many servers from factions, to survival to mini-game networks and so on. I've been here for a long time and I've watched this community grow in many different ways on multiple occasions throughout the history of minecraft. I used to be staff on Mineplex which is very large minecraft mini-game network while it was still the most popular minecraft server. I was part of their staff team for over a year and I have played a fairly important role within the staff team having banned thousands of hackers in my time. I'm an extremely competitive player when it comes to any mini-games but at the same time, I'm very friendly and always willing to help out and make a difference. If you see me around you should say 'Moo' no questions just do it. like seriously just say 'moo' and I will likely respond.

    Thanks for reading!!

  • Hey dude. Welcome to the community.

  • redsword*


  • Hey Moo xD
    I'm also friends with you on Mineplex
    Will always say moo when I see u
    Lol 😆


    Nice job helping the community and Mineplex!!!

  • @NotEnder NU. BAD.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey, welcome the NameMC Community forums! Congrats on your achievements as staff on Mineplex!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are you as dank as https://twitter.com/prpl_z ?

    and ty for the follow xoxo <3

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