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  • It's been a while since i've been active in the community, but i'm back. I've recently started a project on my server and it involves a large building as the center piece. I built it the outside, but i'm not really good at interior designs. If anyone wants to help me PM me or contact me via discord: AwesomeAhmad1#9010. Help would really be appreciated.

    Edit: To people whole still remember the incident that occurred a couple of months back (, it has been fully resolved. All staff have been trained accurately and Bob has been revamped. And as I said in that thread don't join for the soul purpose to "test" our staff team or cause havoc in the server.

    and oh bob is still there

  • bob is papi

  • @Mannors What?

  • @meeppikmin it wasn't anyone's fault. The owner simply didn't follow any rules, he ignores all of our changes and simply does what he wants, which resulted into that happening. No one has ever punished a player for "Homophobic Slurs", yet he did. All we made sure to do is to make it clear to all staff that there are a set of punishments that you should follow, and not make there own. One of the changes we made to Bob is a set of procedures to do when a staff member flags a certain player for a chat offense, so staff muting or banning people for chat offenses is an offense itself.

    The owner no longer moderates chat because of what happened, and the addition of new staff members lead to a higher quality moderation staff team.

    My point is saying "THANK GOD YOU FINALLY TRAINED YOUR STAFF" is an extreme over exaggeration.

  • Owner

    @meeppikmin said in Interior Design Help:

    and oh bob is still there

    Yes, but he's been "revamped."

  • @Choons but he's still bob

  • Guys.. I really need building help not comments about Bob.

  • lmao im 12 days late but i was in a helpful mood, hopefully @AwesomeAhmad1 sees this

    interior in minecraft is really fuckin difficult
    anyway heres some advice

    so first what you never want to do with interior is make it look like this:


    this totally fucking ruins your build, i don't know why some people do this

    what you do want to do is mess around with the smaller items in the game, stuff like playerheads, item frames, ladders, slabs & staircases, levers, buttons, pressure plates etc. and the more detailed blocks in the game (furnaces, crafting tables, noteblocks, pistons, armorstands etc.)

    here's an example


    the wine caskets were made using logs & tripwire hooks, the support beams and the roof were made with logs & slabs, and the floor was detailed using staircases.

    if you're going for a more modern interior, something like this might work better


    anyway, i hope this helped (i suck at modern btw)

  • @AwesomeAhmad1 This is probably a dumb question. what server? and who is bob?

  • @KueenKrazy the IP is Bob is a bot that moderates chat for any language offense. When we first added him, he used to warn for offenses like "Title" because the word title has tit in it. Now we've simply made it so he doesn't do that anymore.


    i learn something everyday

  • @KueenKrazy no you just haven't been around long enough

  • @meeppikmin truuuuu

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