Diarch (Survival) (IP: play.diarch.org) Quit looking for a better survival server. :)

  • IP: play.diarch.org
    Version: 1.11.2
    Website: https://diarch.org

    We are a laid back survival, creative, and skyblock network server where the admins are much more accommodating than any other. Map resets are never done except under extreme circumstances and we do not have land claims due to its inconvenience to our players. We provide both PvE and PvP at your discretion with a command. Come check us out! You won't regret it. c: (Yes, our spawn is original.)

    Our dedicated host is located in East Coast, United States, providing you with the best ping nationwide.


    [1] Be respectful.

    [2] Do not grief.

    [3] No hacking or exploiting of any sort allowed.

    [4] You may not ask for any rank.

    [5] No spamming.

    [6] No direct cussing. Indirect cussing is allowed, but try to moderate yourself.

    [7] No illegal PvP. This includes, but is not limited to, placing fire under players, lava, breaking, and placing.

    [8] No advertising.

    [9] Kits available for ranks [T] and above may not be distributed.

    [10] Ignoring staff is prohibited.

    [11] Evading bans will result in a permanent ban.

    [12] Please keep nicknames original.

    [13] PvP logging is prohibited.

    [14] Do not spawn kill.

    [15] We are not responsible for item loss if your is enabled and are killed.

    [16] No floating tree tops.

    [17] False reporting is a bannable offense.

    [18] Use common sense, if a rule isn't listed here, it doesn't give you the right to do it. This is a bannable offense.

    [19] Please keep mobs to moderation, any excess mobs will be lowered to a considerable amount. This includes, but is not limited to, XP grinders, farms, etc. First offense is a warning, then followed by appropriate action.

    'Cause communities matter.

    Thanks for reading!

  • I'm a player on Diarch, and dang this is one of the best survival servers I've seen so far. They have MCMMO, Silk Spawners, and little funny commands to mess around with. Their staff is really nice, really helpful, and do some favors for you :panda_face:

    My favorite part about the server is how they have SkyBlock Creative and Survival plus you can toggle PvP, so if you feel like you don't want to fight other players then you can just toggle it.

    The building style is really good. The builders have worked really well on the spawn in my opinion plus if you donate you can build you can request to build a house in spawn at Diarch Avenue. You can rent shops and sell your items you don't need.

    There is a jobs plugin that allows you to have a job and make money. There are many jobs like Miner, Woodcutter, and enchanter.

    This server is great and i recommend it for everyone, so join it if you want and have a great time :D

  • I'm a longtime player on Diarch, and it is the server that keeps me playing Minecraft. I've never been on a more laid back back, welcoming server. I've made many friends in my time playing, the staff is super friendly and engaged with the community, and it creates an atmosphere that you can really enjoy the game in. This server gives you the freedom to build what you'd like, to create towns if you choose, and even to play creative or skyblock if that's your thing.

    Active and valued players can rank up to trusted, which gives you access to some cool perks. If you're looking for more, very reasonable donor ranks are also available.

    As if that's not enough, the server has a few plugins to make the game more interesting and smoother, but not too many that the simplicity of vanilla is lost. Pvp can be toggled, if you do or don't feel like fighting other players; MCMMO gives you fun perks as you play; you can use silk touch on spawners, and chests and furnaces can be locked to keep your valuables safe.

    Finally, to emphasize the community, I'd like to mention that I've not had a single problem with griefing in the entire time that I've played. When i first started out, older players gave me a few things to get me started, and helped me learn the server. This is truly the ultimate server to join if you're looking for a widespread community oriented atmosphere, every single person is friendly and ready to help out.

    I would recommend any player to join this server, there's something here for everyone. I hope to see you online!

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