✞Hello Im Rxpple✞

  • ☯Hello. Im pretty simple to be honest. My fave server is BeanBlockz☯
    ✫I've got my mind on stuff.✩
    ➼I've played Minecraft around 5-6 somethin years.⇎
    ◍I'm a female if yuh didn't catch it.⊜
    ❄I like winter time the most❄
    ☠Im not scared to die. Im scared of my future.☠
    ♪I need to kill you
    That's the only way to get you out of my head
    Oh I need to kill you
    To silence all the sweet little things you've said♬
    【That's it for now. Cya around pal!】

    • ⊘Faith⊘

  • welcome to namemc's community, ma'am.

  • Hope you enjoy it here!

  • woah another person with the same pfp

    it's a disease

    welcome, you'll never be able to leave

  • @meeppikmin Heh.. Well this is my main account to iOvt xDD That's the reason it has the same profile pic. Do I say that it's my main.. No. But.. Yeah o^o Hai. Im crazy, nice to meet you lol

  • spooKY kill me first peas 1!1 kthxhi

  • @Rxpple Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. :)

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