Hello,I’m cky.

  • Hello,I'm CKY.(CKY is my initials.QVQ)I’m a Chinese boy who am 15 years old.
    I stumbled across this forum when I was searching skins on www.baidu.com.
    I've played minecraft for around 5-6 years.
    I live in Yong'an, Fujian Province.Now I am a junior student.You know, even though I'm a junior, my English may not be as good as the five year old British kid.Maybe I wrote this article a lot of mistakes even though with the help of translator.
    In fact, I am writing this article with a feeling of excitement and dread.(Because I post a lot of server forums in China, but it is the first time to post in a foreign forum.)
    I have some classmates and friends to play Minecraft with me.I also like watching Japanese anime.Recently I was watching "Kobayashi's Maid Dragon"(We call it "小林家的龙女仆/小林家的妹抖龙" in Chinese)
    Thanks for reading.(Maybe you will feel a little bored after reading, but I will try my best to learn some ways to post in this Forums.)

  • hey fellow chinese person, i can speak but i cant write or read chinese.

    If you're staying... Welcome!

    (I live in England but im chinese)

  • Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay (:

  • @Tricky_Death Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. :)

  • Why did Kobayashi's sister shake the dragon?

  • @Tricky_Death said in Hello,I’m cky.:

    my English may not be as good as the five year old British kid.


  • Hello :)

  • hai and welcome

  • Hey! Welcome to the forums. I hope you can improve your English from speaking on here :)
    Is Kobayashi's Dragon Maid any good? I haven't seen it.

  • @Unselfishness "Maid" is Pronounced "妹抖" in China.

  • hai welcome!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Welcome to the community.

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