• Idk if anyone else feels the same way but, I feel like something's kinda made this place deadish.
    Idk, I just don't really come on as much as I used to. And I've stopped posting sm (yes, yes yw <3).
    Idk, (wow I've started all three sentences with 'Idk') anyone else feels loike dis?
    Or am I alone?
    like usual

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Minecraft is dead

  • I'm dead

    I agree with chu though

  • amen, I still post sometimes but I'm getting to be more inactive

    i might start posting skins again but I'm not 100% sure

    I have to work on shading and things first, though

    I seriously need to come back though

    but for right now
    me and the forums are dead
    you're not alone, father

  • @clinophile I don't even remember who you are if


    am I supposed to know you

  • @meeppikmin holy fuck no no one knows me
    I used to be yikesnora/toorarerodie but I mean you were just someone who used these forums

    you bitter fruit thanks for the follow

  • @clinophile oh yes I have a horrible memory

  • @meeppikmin also gabe is the cutest
    smol child
    can I take it

    fact I am also 5"4 but people think I'm lying bc of my age bUT NOpe

  • @clinophile I'm slightly confused but
    I think I will always be

  • There isn't as much shitposting as before, so there is less threads and it feels like it is dying.
    Also, many of the older users haven't posted in a while and new people (that actually stay and use the forums) don't join too often.

  • @meeppikmin eek I'm the more confusest persona in galaxy

    (that was intentional, I don't make sense iK)

  • @clinophile alright whatever
    btw where di dyou get your pfp

  • @meeppikmin my lil cutie kat ( @goldfishman172 ) did it
    gosh I love her although I haven't named her yet eek I need ideas

  • @clinophile you just called her kat

  • @meeppikmin yes that's what she goes by

  • This post is deleted!

  • @clinophile then that could be the name

  • @meeppikmin oh hell no I meant goldfishman172 is kat
    I still need names for my persona

  • @clinophile ohhhhhhhhhh
    see everything is confusing


    name her

    or cat

    i know im so creative

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