Hello, I'm ShakenSilence

  • Hi! I'm Kayla, but you can call me Sunashi, which is my RP name. People have known me by many users, KaylaCrafts, VortaicaliaKayla, NeglectedSoul and ShakenSilence. I love NameMC because it helps me find friend's skins, know information about other players and find out which users are availible and which ones aren't. My favorite Servers by far are Creative Fun (Creative-fun.eu) and The Hive (HiveMC.eu) which are pretty big servers. I enjoy spending my time on Minecraft which is half of my Online life. Christmas is by far my favourite season and at this time of year (11/23/16) Red & Green are my favorite colors but normally Blue & Black are my favorites, I love to RP I've owned at least 100 Rps and helped build over 270. So yeah I love building you could say, but yes. That's my Online part of life..

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