Appple hacked my account.. No control of it just on here lmfao

  • kay so ever since Appple got banned, she's been really upset about it, so trying to be a good friend, I gave her my account info to strrawberry and i let her use it. It turns out she used the account just to look through my email and to find out personal things. She also change dmy minecraft account and all my alts lMAO and keeps denying it. So shes changing things, hacking all my social media accounts and i find this out a day afterwards. She had texted me earlier if she could change my skin or anything that had to do with the account I answered with "no." She changed everything. I find this out bc i check out namemc and my skin is different and i wasnt on mc for like 4 days and i liked the skin i had. I text her asking her why she changed the skin. I decide to try and change it back. WHen i put my info in to change my skin it says its wrong. I try to log in at least for 10 mins and i give up. I try logging into my account afterwards and it doesnt work either. But it never asked me to put in my info. i always had it ready so i just had to press 'play' . I text her again and again, no answer. I decide to text one of her friends or my friend about this. It turns out appple was texting her just then,meaning she was ignoring my texts. Eggpllant told appple to check out her chat thing with me and she did. She denied everything starting the conversation with "wait what". SHe told me i probably had a virus or my computer was hacked. I told her a virus doesnt do that. She didnt answer. Later i check on my phone and try logging into my acc from on there. It doesnt work. I text her telling her and she doesnt answer until 3 hours later and she had changed the subject. This got me upset. The next day ( so like TODAY) I was texting Eggpllant and she was texting Appple. Appple was in trouble bc she had hacked my emails and social media obv. She was about to be in trouble with the police but even tho she already hated me i didnt want her in trouble. SO i spent about 1 hour trying to keep the police from being contacted. FInally i try calling her but she doesnt answer. My mother decides to send her some voice mail and then i tell Eggpllant to tell Appple to text me. My mom had my phone so they thought i had given appples number away which aNNOYED me, bc i was really on an extension i had added to my computer since i had my phone taken away. so my mom started texting Appple yata yata and I asked for my account info. Appple said she didnt know it but it was obv she did bc she kept changing the skins and getting online and she had only changed the info the day b4... I got annoyed but i was pretty glad she wasnt getting in trouble with police. I thought the fight was over but it WASNT. Eggpllant decided to blame the whole thing on me so like yeah. The fact that i wasnt the one who hacked an email makes me the most annoyed about me being blamed :,). So like i DOUBT we r friends at ALL i think im just an annoyance to them bc i want my acc back and all my other accs bc apparently she had taken over them too somehow even tho she didnt know the info..
    NOTE: IF someone thinks that this is a stupid thing to post it is BC All my social medias are HACKED and i cant get ON them so i cant TELL any of my FRIENDS about this except for on here. So the reason i made this was mostly for any of my friends who r wondering why they are deleted or blocked on skype or anything else mainly skype tho or Mineplex :P really sorry i trusted Appple big mistake i regret it so much and it annoys me how she took advantage of the fact that i was depressed and didnt wanna play much anymore so i wouldnt nOTICE. Anyways Sry and thanks Appple :,) for stealing my accounts just so u could have a high lvl, means a lot to me :,) </3

  • On the next episode on how not to get your shit fucked up - Giving out your personal login information!

  • This was like a story I enjoyed

  • i read to "kay" then i gave up bc no one really gives a shit! <3

  • @Cheph its why i mentioned it was for my fucking friends who i couldnt contact anywhere else bc everything else was hacked :,)

  • and this is why I never trust any other person with my accounts.

  • Just make sure you fully trust someone before you give personal information <3

  • Just tell em to use an alt dispenser.

  • @Strrawberry ik im just a dumb kid who really shouldnt even be on the internet. When i turned 13 i thought i was smarter more mature im really just an immature idiot who trusts everyone with anything..

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Cheerfully wdym
    if u mean to tell APPPLE to use an alt dispenser lmfao she doesnt even text me anymore so like yeAH

  • @Strrawberry whyd i reply to myself... i meant to reply to @iiTzWaffles smfh yamilikethis

  • @SendCoffee LMFAO taru 1!!

  • @Strrawberry sounds like a appple didn't get her starbucks on time :'^( tragic

  • @goldfishman172 hey look i can't edit the post :ok_hand:

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