so yeah back it again with another sweaty update xd

  • I had free time and decided to play uhc meetup on badlion and got Diamond V so garbage at the game tbh minecraft g0d
    0_1489714658337_2017-03-16_21.26.35.png 0_1489714660839_2017-03-16_19.15.04.png 0_1489714677291_2017-03-16_19.15.02.png 0_1489714688090_2017-03-16_19.06.01.png 0_1489714691559_2017-03-16_19.05.58.png 0_1489714694846_2017-03-16_18.43.54.png 0_1489714698152_2017-03-16_18.43.52.png 0_1489714704604_2017-03-16_17.24.34.png !

  • I didn't know people use this anymore, I'd definitely hang here more often If it wasn't just Minecraft, I don't see why the forum can't be something bigger than just Minecraft.

  • 100 FPS
    My old computer can't reach it.
    Usually only 30FPS.

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