Donor cheating LOL ign: Ampzi

  • What's the point of publicly exposing them and making a big deal out of it? Cool, they cheat, send it to a person with power and get on with your day.

  • And there goes my ability to take you seriously...

  • @cancer_chan Why do you think i'm posting it in the cheater reports section

  • a +1 from me!

  • someone's hacking on a block game pvp server!!

  • As a Moderator on BlockMania,
    This video clip doesn't have enough evidence to get " Ampzi " banned.
    At no point did you 1 vs 1 " Ampzi " and when you were running and he was hitting you its called a 1.7, Ironic really how your on 1.8 but that's besides the point.
    When your in a 1.7 it can look like they are hitting you from 7+ blocks away in reality its only 5 max,
    Therefor not enough evidence.

    PS : get a clip of 1 vs 1'ing him, now you've quote exposed him he'll toggle off when around you if he was hacking, better luck next time, Young man!

  • @inhale Hasn't blockmania always been 1.8, also I never exposed him lol, at what point did you get that conclusion.

  • I got an ad on this page,

    I'm guessing it's because the post title says "cheating"

    "Are they Cheating on you? Find Out Now!"

  • js you can also hit people repeatedly in the back, even if both players were on 1.8 or not. timing n stuff, and judging by Ampzi's skin, he probably knows how to do it right too (just aiming in the dark there).

    things look sketchy with speed II and especially when you start running backwards, he can probably get the hit in the back easier because of that, and the fact someone also hit him in the back.

    shrug dont run in F5 constantly next time, it impairs judgement, and makes it harder to to strafe. watch the video in 0.25x, looks less sketchier if you can focus more on his range and whats happening.

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