AusNetMC 1.11.2 Towny - LandClaim - Creative - Donator Perks

  • Welcome to AusNetMC!

    AusNetMC Spawn

    It's been a great 2 weeks of since release, so we'd like to thank our initial players.
    For those just arriving, thank you for supporting for us and hope you have a great stay :).

    The server currently consists of multiple gamemodes you can play and enjoy!
    This includes a rockin Towny gamemode, a Creative gamemode when you want to build!
    Thus if you get bored you can also;
    Play some SURVIVAL GAMES ahhhhh hell yeh ;)
    Please use the forums to suggest improvements for us to work on to make the server more enjoyable!.

    If you need to contact us just send us a message on the discord
    Or feel free to leave us a mail in-game!
    So Hop on the server

    From your AusNetMC Moderator: StrawberryLiz
    Credit: "Welcome to AusNetMC" by AusNetMC Owner, PandaPlaysAll

    Version: 1.11.2

    If you have any questions about the server feel free to leave comments on this post or contact staff via Discord.

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