I mean...

  • Some days you feel like your gonna do something big. Today, I'm going to do something like that.

    Im going to be really inactive and maybe quit but time shall see. I feel like the ripe fruits from this community has already been picked and no-one interesting surfaces. I've been addicted to Minecraft for 2 years now and i think it's time to stop and enlighten myself on who i really am. I've spent countless hours of my life, wasting it all on social medias and pointless servers.

    In 5 billion years, as the sun ages, it'll swell to become a red giant. We only have several billion years to be humane as a race and make your mark in the books. Who knows in 3,000 years or so our modern language won't be able to survive because of how many words we have. Some day google won't be able to store enough data for our usages- imagine that.

    In a single life time you face challenges that no human should be facing or should face. What's the fruits of this? To earn money? To live a decent life? We will all be confronted with death some day or another. If you all think about it, all are fates are in the hands of death. Death does not matter if you are the holiest person or kindest or strongest, he reaps what you what you sow.

    The brain is the ultimate filter. The brain can filter what you want to distinguish as reality or fiction. When you think about the impending doom that is inevitable, your brain ventures into a world where it can see it but you disallow it to show you the reality of a "good" life put into a coffin.

    This is why I'm going to stand up to my inescapable death and do something what will inspire later generations. I'm going to volunteer for the first system that will lead the world to world peace:

    jk im going to ddos the cheese economy

  • So you're leaving?
    i cant tell if this is a joke lmao

    super sad if you do )^:

  • @Faithestic watch the video at the end..

  • @Sonarize well still mate

    xdd this kid jokes a lot

  • @whule Dont leave if u are pls <3

  • im going to leave to ddos the cheese economy

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