get to know me and you!!!!

  • Name: motofreak
    Age: 17
    Gender: mineman
    Zodiac: Ophiuchus
    Personality: sevege
    Skype?: e
    Favorite Color: black ( I am an edgy anime watching teenager)
    Favorite Movie/Show: motofreak
    Favorite Artist/band: post malone
    Favorite Book: curious george the picture book
    Favorite Animal: clefable
    Favorite Mc Server: minehq
    Favorite Game: tkr

    !reply with the same format!

  • @heterophobe

    Name: henweechenten
    Age: 14
    Gender: henwee
    Zodiac: henwew
    Personality: henwee
    Skype?: e
    Favorite Color: black ( I am an edgy anime watching teenager)
    Favorite Movie/Show: motofreak: the coming
    Favorite Artist/band: moto freaks
    Favorite Book: motofreak: the return
    Favorite Animal: motofreak the anime boy
    Favorite Mc Server:
    Favorite Game: motofreak: the game

    !reply with the same format!

  • Name: claire yukianosakura christ
    Age: 12 (no really, i am)
    Gender: jesus
    Zodiac: jesus
    Personality: hawt xD || yandare || danderi || tsundere || senPAIii
    Skype?: im not going to give it out you crusty ass pedophile
    Favorite Color: red
    Favorite Movie/Show: friends & orange is the new black
    Favorite Artist/band: xxxtentacion, kodak black, cheif keef, the weeknd and im such an edgy cunt i like panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots, fall out boy etc.
    Favorite Book: the very hungry caterpillar
    Favorite Animal: snooki from jersey shore
    Favorite Mc Server:
    Favorite Game: overwatch
    Extra: nothing u little bitch

  • Name: elot
    Age: 16
    Gender: elot
    Zodiac: elot
    Personality: edgy teen
    Skype?: l
    Favorite Color: rainbow
    Favorite Movie/Show: My little Pony (pls no judge)
    Favorite Artist/band: Green Day
    Favorite Book: The Gruffalo
    Favorite Animal: snek
    Favorite Mc Server: Hypixel
    Favorite Game: mega wol
    Extra: playsmc

  • Name: Send
    Age: nudes
    Gender: please
    Zodiac: i'm
    Personality: lonely
    Skype?: are
    Favorite Color: u
    Favorite Movie/Show: gonna
    Favorite Artist/band: send
    Favorite Book: nudes
    Favorite Animal: are you even listening
    Favorite Mc Server: HELLO
    Favorite Game: r u there

  • Name: Saku/Sakura
    Age: nope ain't happening
    Gender: Idk
    Zodiac: Leo
    Personality: so so so nice
    Skype?: I don't have one
    Favorite Color: Blue/Light blue
    Favorite Movie/Show: Uhmmm idk..
    Favorite Artist/band: BTS
    Favorite Book: I don't read books tyvm
    Favorite Animal: Cats
    Favorite Mc Server: HiveMc/Beanblockz
    Favorite Game: Mc loike duhh
    Extra: My friends are insane

  • @Sakvra Your gender is transgender you should change that

  • Squish(lol)
    Nope. I'm a sad person with no social media
    Sky blue
    Impractical Jokers/Dr. Strange
    I just like electric/dubstep soundtracks
    IDK ajwebawjebwjbewajejbawe
    idk xD (not my YT)

  • @SquishyDog77 your gender is shemale why is it unknown?

  • @GayEBoy Why not ?

  • @SquishyDog77 Cause irdk

  • Name: Galaxy
    Age: 666
    Gender: gurl
    Zodiac: wth... uh googles AQUARIUS
    Personality: stupid
    Skype?: nu nu <3
    Favorite Color: NEON AND PASTEL COLOUAHHS and blue and purple and galaxy
    Favorite Movie/Show: Modern Family and Impractical Jokers
    Favorite Artist/band: Melanie Martinez, PTX, Ariana Grande
    Favorite Book: How 2 be lame
    Favorite Animal: The wild @Riiee
    Favorite Mc Server: beanblockzzz
    Favorite Game: wah
    Extra: Run away as fast as you can when you see me at all.

  • Name: Cam
    Age: 16
    Gender: whoops I forgot
    Zodiac: Scorpio apparently
    Personality: hungry
    Skype?: 5
    Favorite Color: #A300FF
    Favorite Movie/Show: pass
    Favorite Artist/band: pass
    Favorite Book: lol
    Favorite Animal: @aedifica
    Favorite Mc Server: mine?
    Favorite Game: ive never played a game in my life

  • Name: Dylan
    Age: I'm currently 5 turning 6 in June.
    Gender: Male
    Zodiac: Gemini ;
    Personality: trash haha
    Skype: basically my username ..
    Favorite Color: Green duh
    Favorite Movie/show: Always changes
    Favorite Artist/band: ^
    Favorite Book: Don't read lol
    Favorite Animal: Axolotls
    Favorite Mc Server: Obviously Hypickle (check sig ;)
    Favorite Game: too many to pick

  • Hi, I'm someone.

    Nice to meet you stranger.

  • @Mannors

  • @Kaytherine LMAO i'm Ashely nice to meet you

  • @Mannors
    you're a female too?!?1/1/

  • This post is deleted!

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