ign suggestions lol

  • Well I recently changed my name from StoneBlocks to lastlvl, and Im already waiting to change it xd Plus is name lastlvl og, semi og or regular? I don't think I like it so much xd xd xd xd xd

  • StoneBlocks is pretty OG I think... Unless that's not what the game calls it. But I don't think lastlvl is that OG, but I can't be talking because I have a q in my name.

  • Haha, thanks. I will probably change my name to StoneBlocks again :) Thank u anyways !

  • AWeirdDoge

  • @lastlvl MasterDoge

  • Well, In OG name in my opinion is it's a one word and it actually has a meaning in our dictionary like example: "Book" that has a meaning which is a hard cover or paper cover filled with pages glued to the cover. But if I did have to think of an OG name then try doing Japanese names, I found one and replaced with the first letter with "N" and that's how I got "Nadri"

  • @FlipDaddy tbh stoneblocks is not that og - in my opinion having an original name depends on its populariness.

    for example one and two letter names are really original, and those that have a real meaning.

    bit confusin' post but k

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