Annoying people

  • There are TONS of people who are really fucking annoying that are part of this forums. Some of those people who request for skins and want the "perfect" skin for them, They don't realize they will get over it some day.. Next one is people who complain of taking THEIR skin, that's annoying because people don't understand that if someone takes it means they DON'T OWN it, It just means they like that particular skin. Then this brings me into people consistently keep asking same questions over and over and popping up into there unread box and stuff it's annoying sometimes.

    (I wanna mention myself in here, I do shit post A LOT, I'll admit that because I want attention and want to base it around me only, I need to realize that people have a rise and people have a downfall, I'm going into a downfall. I don't have ideas to come up with on the forums. It will be understandable for you to downvote because of me being a shit poster and trying to gain attention. I'm sorry for doing all of this.)

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    Alright then.

  • where am i in this?

    u forgot @chickennugget823!!

  • @Nadri said in Annoying people:

    Some of those people who request for skins and want the "perfect" skin for them

    planetminecraft logic

  • I am a victim of this lmfao.

    Anyway, what is the problem with REQUESTING for skins? It is a request, not a command. They are not forcing anyone to do it, the person who agreed to create/edit the skin(s) did it voluntarily. If they conflict w/ their client, they can quit whenever they want. Like I said, it is voluntarily. If it bugs you that much, why do you bother clicking on the topics in the first place?

    And for the people who whine about people wearing your skins...
    alt text

  • @Kaytherine said in Annoying people:

    And for the people who whine about people wearing your skins...
    alt text


  • What the fuck...

  • @Kihta hm??, I'm just saying some annoying people on the forums that constantly pop up on my "unread" l o l and I've admitted to doing something bad lol so what do you mean by "what the f*%#"

  • stop this

  • This is new type of shitposting, ranting

  • @Nadri Where is @33333333333333 lol xD (Not for skins)

  • @Kaytherine Well, sometimes people don't want their skin being worn by other people, like if you put it on your namemc profile, and you get around 100 views + it's a good skin (And someone wears it)... eh, people would whine that they don't want others using it.

    I mean, i don't agree 100% w/ you, but you state a point there :sweat_smile:

  • @Faithestic
    There's only one way from preventing that from happening--don't wear it. I know that's not much help, but that's the only way I know of. There are other 'skin stealing' sites besides namemc anyway.
    The way I see it, it's such a petty reason to throw a fit about.

    What's not okay is if they take full credit of something the original creator made

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    I find this thread pretty funny when it's coming from someone who makes threads about suicide thoughts, quitting the forums (comes back within 3 days), etc.

  • @mooshroom dayum you savagegege


  • @mooshroom r-r-r-roasted

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