How do i get the cape in minecraft

  • I have done everything how do i apply cape

  • Optifine Capes - here's the link | oh, and this too.

    Otherwise, there's labymod, dunno how that works.
    Anddd minecon, but everyone should know that lol.

  • @PVP_Rider You can get a realm mapmaker cape also.

    As a thank you for submitting maps to Realms, you can earn a Realms Mapmaker cape after meeting certain criteria.
    A cape can be earned for having published any combination of two (2) adventures, minigames, and/or experiences.
    A cape can be earned for having published four (4) world templates.
    You must be listed as a primary creator on the maps that have been published to Realms. If a map is submitted by a group, up to three people can be listed as a primary creator.
    Maps are accepted based on a number of criteria, including the quality of the submission, how many submissions have been received recently, availability of staff to review maps, or if we need more of that type of map.
    Realms Mapmaker capes are not given out automatically, and are contingent upon you being in good standing with the community, and your published maps following the Realms Map Publishing Agreement.
    We're under no obligation to provide capes, but will do our best to use them as a reward for submitting multiple pieces of content to Realms. Please don't see submitting maps as an easy way to get a cape. Having maps approved and published may take months, and they'll need to be of excellent quality. Asking for a cape or spamming the Realms team about a submission is a sure way to become ineligible for a cape.
    Maps that are commissioned by Mojang, that are featured on Realms, are not eligible for cape credit.

  • As @Faithivious said, get an Optifine cape, or @Pyrotechnic said, get a map to realms! Otherwise you have to have an extreme circumstance. The Cobalt and Scrolls capes are from events in mojang's other games. @Xeronsis has one of these. A Minecon, well that's self explanatory, go to minecon. They are the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016, with more to come with future minecons. Others are given to people who have a huge contribution to the game. Such as @Drullkus, he has the Prismarine cape. I can only image that he got it from helping mojang implement the prismarine block into the game. A Mojang cape, you can get from being a staff member on the minecraft team at mojang. Other capes such as the Millionth Customer cape was given to @arkonman1, for being the millionth customer of minecraft. I'm not sure how Mr.Messih and @Dannybstyle got there capes. But the Julian Clark cape was given to @JulianClark for giving mojang the idea of snow golems. I'm unsure of how any other official capes, and why they were implemented. I hope this helped!

  • @Masakazu_ @PVP_Rider As far as applying the cape, im not sure.

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