What makes you slowly lose interest in MC???

  • The community.

  • The updates used to have a: "Wow! New content! Look at this and that!1" feel to them.
    It's more of new blocks or items like elytras that keep getting updates, so not much to really see anymore?

    \_ (ヅ) _/

  • @Faithivious I see what your saying and I agree

  • @Faithivious not really much to see when your main servers are forever stuck on 1.8.9

  • @Belle true, but people don't update it because there's no reason to update cx

  • Nothing. Well actually I get banned from a server then it's lame cuz I can't do anything but then I get unbanned and its all good!

  • @Nadri
    when more important matters IRL hit you like a truck

  • For me I would have to say the amount of immature kids on Minecraft servers. Yes, I know minecraft's audience is kid based but still, very annoying kids have taken over Minecraft
    Rip MC xd

  • tbh idk
    I don't like to play the game anymore but I like to skin so yeah!!!!111!

  • toxicity

  • I've kind of just accepted the new combat system and I enjoy it more then 1.7/1.8 so not gonna complain about the somewhat still dysfunctional combat system. Mostly just the community, yes there's still communities and servers that don't just call each other diseases everytime someone lands 2 hits on them in a row, nowadays the majority is just considered 'toxic', even though this has persisted through games waaaaaaaay before competitive lego combat was ever introduced. I can't really say much about 1.6/1.7 and compare it since I never really got the chance to play that back when it was considered 'good' but seeing as how people are nowadays, I've never touched 1.7 honestly even though overly competitive, sensitive, and disrespectful cube mining simulator enthusiasts still persist on other places like cubecraft and shit.

    It's just poor sportsmanship/attitude, and this is everywhere no matter what game you play, especially if there is a competitive aspect involved, it's also partially caused by selfishness or ego or whatnot, but it's not about that lol, it's just about enjoying it and having fun, but hey, if you wanna be a dickbag calling every person with a letter or underscore in their name an autistic cunt weasel and wishing that they eventually bring harm upon themselves then by all means go ahead, it's pathetic but as long as you find enjoyment in calling people diseases or whatnot then its all good, as for the people who have to deal with this sort of shit (mostly staff or "known" people) the majority of the time they play, just ignore it or don't take it seriously, or just fuck with them because sometimes that can be pretty funny. Ok gonna stop before I type an entire high school essay on this lmao.

  • the fan boys and girls

  • @Cheerfully I can kind of agree with that.

  • getting tired of playing on the same servers over and over again each day

  • life probably, i guess time will pass and ill get interested to play mc again but not loving it atm

  • When Mojang sold it to Microsoft :,)

  • dumb mother fuckers.

  • @Cheerfully Agreed, however, long, long, run-on sentence.

    Also, I loose interest just because there doesn't seem to be much to do anymore.

  • when people quickdrop

  • I've mostly done everything.

    Not much left to do.


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