cringe in a nutshell

  • people i find cringe:
    if you have YT in your name. example: CqmboYT (LOL FAILURE)
    if you have an x to replace an o or a in your name. example: Lxve
    if you replace u with v. example: yvngtryp (altho this guy is lit)
    if you think you are OG but yout name doesn't have a definition. (hahah)
    example: 3xz
    if you have a name with 10+ letters example: @Fathivious
    if you have a name with 12+ letters and call it og example @Scottysire with Pathoakmfhmnwafg or something
    if you make female skins like the one @DHWeir has.
    the only good female skin out there is the black base with the flower thing on the head and eyes
    only good one and its simple.
    people who say they make banners or profile pics but have a trash one theirselves: too cringe to say his name
    people who make cringe content and claim they are good but arent example: CqmboYT LOOOOL
    people who say they dont cheat like 10 times but they end up admitting it example: @Zuiy @Dreamer_420
    people who have a cringe profile pic or banner example: CqmboYT

    k pls dont get triggered
    @Fathivious ur cool dun worry

  • ik my name is dumb, haha.
    Thanks for telling me again :")

    (I honestly need to change it tho lol)

  • the skin you told that pyro (or something) to make is cringe. wtf is the point of the crusty ass hair stings.

  • But for real. What is so cool with those random hair strings

  • well i have to say because i still have the tab open

    its pathophysiology.

  • @whule

    haha its called dreadlocks and it actually looks good LOL
    its a skin of lil uzi vert

  • bish my name has 10+ letters does that make me uncool :'(

    but seriously only a few people have gotten me and my friend's names

    come on people.

  • when people say "grrrrr" when they are angry

  • @chards my name is OG because of the q.

  • @Faithivious Not really a dumb name like mine
    Fathivious xDDD lol

  • people who announces their cringe

    oh wai--

  • Cringe in a nutshell...
    ( i bet someone's made this joke already but I'm too lazy to see )

  • Add this to urban dictionary?

  • ngl I find this post very cringe

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